i give up

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Wednesday, February 27, 2002
Hey. I just got back from school. I saw the second most beautiful girl today when i was going to get my lunch. OMG. Yeah she is so sCoRcHiNg HOT!! Her name is .......well, i dont want to say her name on this thing because she may one day read this. But yah, she's in my math class and we always sit by each other. I haven't really talked to her yet, except about math related stuff. Tommorow, im gonna talk to her, because i see her everyday. She seems like a pretty cool chic too. I hope she doesnt have a boyfriend. Knowing my luck, she most likely does. Haha. Daym. If she doesn't have a boyfriend, that would totally kick ass because i'd totally go for her. However, i did see one flaw about her today. She was wearing her Chuck Taylor's, and she had black FAT laces! AHHHH!!! Haha its ok though. She's still cool. Now if only i had the nerve to talk to her. Check back tommorow, because i WILL talk to her, and i will tell you all how it went! Ok COOL!

*Quote of the day*
"You're already happy, so you dont need me
I'll just look somewhere else, even though its plain to see
That when you hold his hand, it's hurting me

One day you will realize
That i am the one for you
Even though there are probably ten other guys
saying the same thing too

*there's more to this song/poem but i dont feel like writing it all down*

------If you can guess who that is by, then you're great!-------

If youre reading this post (and obviously you are), then go and download "T & C" by Thrice. It's a dope song. I wonder what the name of that song means though???

Tuesday, February 26, 2002
Why is it that Finch sucks so much? gosh i hate that band. Ahhh well. Basketball season is coming up again. I'm like trying to get in shape for the season, which starts on ummm Sunday. Yah, i think im gonna join this one Corona Asian BBall league. Im soOoOoo gonna tear those short freaks up. Next month, the Corona Open City league begins. Im gonna tear that league up too! Well, its like 11:30 or so and nobody is online. To all of you offline at this time, you suck! I'm here stuck talking to Kenny and Betty. yes, betty. What in the hell? Yes im talking to Betty. HaHa. SiNcE i aM TaLkiNg To heR, I hAvE tO TaLk LiKe DiS iF y'NaH i MeAn. IsN't dAt koO kOo~!~? haha, but anyways. Yah. My friend Kenny is annoying the hell out of me right now. uGh. I went to the thrift store today and bought some clothes. They were having this huge sale and EVERY clothing was only $1!!!! Shopping at thrift stores is fun because you can get a whole shit load of crap and only spend two cents. Oh well. If you're a guy that likes a girl, listen to "Saddest Girl Story" by The Starting Line. It's a great song.

*Quote of the day*
Terence: think of something funny to say so that i can put it in my blogspot
Kenny: "Only The Strong Survive"
Terence: That's not funny

Sunday, February 24, 2002
HaHa i just got back from a party and everyone was wasted. It was quite funny. Before i went back the party, i talked to this one girl. Yah. My birthday is in a month. Playing guitar and singing at the same time is difficult. I'm online pretty late today. I guess it's cause i cant sleep because i've got alot of good things on my mind. I dunno. Yah. Anyways, i got a full Sunday ahead of me. Oh yeah, if i've ever told you that youre awesome, i really mean it! haha

*Quote of the day*
"I only wish that this could be, just dump your boyfriend and go out with me, i swear i'd treat you like a queen." -The*Ataris

Word of the day: Unforgetful

Saturday, February 23, 2002
Another lame day has passed. All i did was go to school and work. Work sucks hardcore. Gosh fawking aye i dont want to work anymore!!! It gives me no time to do anything! Not that i have anything to do, but oh well. Linkin Park played today at the Long Beach Arena. That concert got sold out so quickly. Ummm.. Blink182 tickets went on sale today. I'm not gonna go though, i dont know why. HmmMmm. Some good shows that are coming up are March 2nd- The Staring Line at Chain Reaction and March 3rd- Larger Than Life at Chain Reaction. Speaking of "Larger Than Life," i hate the backstreet boys. Oh yah. You guys are all invited to my birthday party. It's on March 23rd. I'll be a whopping 19 years old. So yah, try to go, especially if i think you're awesome.

*Quote's of the day*
"The pouring rain, from my eyes / Means too much, too keep inside" -Rufio
"Richelle....thanks for being so pretty" -Me

Word of the day: Silly

Thursday, February 21, 2002
gosh phucking ey. Rufio is the greatest phucking band in this whole entire phucking world. You know how i was all bummed out the other day? Well, i woke up the next day, and listened to "Perhaps, I Suppose..." -the rufio cd. I havent listened to that CD in so long, and it just got me so un-bummed. It was a good day. I didnt worry about anything. I just chilled with some really cool friends. I played the best phucking game in the world, NFL Madden 2002. Well, im at school right now. What a pleasant day it is. I'm gonna end this short post by leaving you with this message: TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY, YOU GUYS PHUCKING KICK ASS.

*Quote of the day*
"you're such a nerd" -anonymous

Word of the day: captivating

Tuesday, February 19, 2002
Maaaaaaaaan. Im kinda bummed out right now. Daym it sucks being bummed out. If you know me, then you know why im bummed out. phuck. ahhh well. I'm also bored off my ass right now, thats why im writing so phucking much in here. Can u tell that something is bothering me? I mean, cmon, i dont usually cuss this much, even though im not even spelling the "F" word as "Phuck." I've just got alot on my mind right now. I've got way too much on my mind. I don't really wanna discuss whats on my mind on this stupid blogger page. I just realized that some things dont always go as you'd like it to in life, no matter how hard you try. For example, i am trying my ass off in math, and im gonna end up failing. However, thats a different story, because i know me and math arent meant to be. It just sucks feeling like this. I'm gonna listen to some sad emo shit right now. Why couldnt my life be the way i know it should be. i mean, i shouldnt be so confused in what i wanna do in life. I dont even have a phucking major yet, and im so behind with this college crap. If college didnt have so many educational stresses, then it'd be the best thing ever, next to girls that is =) Thats the great thing about college: you meet alot of really cool people. Welp, yah im still bummed. Tommorow's gonna be a way better day. I only have 1 clas tommorow, and after that, the fun begins. Haha. I'm gonna hang out for an extra hour at school, then go to play bball, then chill with some friends. Yep, i cant wait for tommorow. Friends are great. To those of you that are my friends, you guys kick-ass!

*Quote of the day*
"I vaguely went" -said by Kenny's dreamgirl

Sunday, February 17, 2002
Today was a pretty lame-duck day. All i really did was go to work. Work was pretty un-cool today. Because its phucking presidents day weekend, alot of people were at the mall. I saw someone's younger sister today. Heh. i would have said "hi" but i didnt realize it was her until she was gone. See Jerry, i told you you should have went to the mall today. lol just messing. HmMmmm. Oh yah i went to Active Ride Shop today. They are having this kickass sale. I didnt want to spend money, but i couldnt resist. UmmMmm since it was a pretty slow day for me today, i dont have much to write about. Them damn lakers lost today. Damn them for losing all the time. EhhHh they'll turn it up when it matters, like in the playoffs or something. My good buddy Kort (kenny) gave me a new nickname. its Toink. Ok i dont know why he gave me that nickname. I guess its payback since i gave him the nickname of Kort. Good ol' Kenny. He's the funniest man alive. Well yah, im gonna finish this off with this last quote.

*Quote of the day*

"it doesnt seem to matter what you do, i will fall in love with you" -Audio Karate

Gosh im sooOooOo burned out! It was a totally busy saturday for me. AhhhhcK. I woke up, then went to work, and it was busy as hell!!! Damn those ontario mills shoppers. Haha. Its cool though, we hired this one new chic named Iris. OMG she is totally hot! Hiring her will give me something to look at while working. Also, my fcuking homie dinesh is gonna get promoted to 1st assistant manager. That totally kicks ass because he is like one of my best friends! Ehhh. When i went home, my bro was having a party. It was his 21st bday party. I dunno. In case you didnt know, me and my bro dont really talk to each other. I dont know why. I guess we've just grown apart or something. Oh well. Anywho, his band performed. They played a short set. They phucked up alot too. It was my lil cousin Jerry's last performance with the band. Sad, but oh well. At the end up the performance, Jerry did an acoustic solo to "Whispers of a long kiss goodnight" by *the lyndsay diaries*. He would have played "Valentine" by *The get up kids* but somebody didnt show up. HaHa its cool. But yah, alot of people came of over. Now, there are still people here. I wanna sleep but i cant cause theres too much noise. So im just online and good ol' jerry is right next to me. Chi just signed off, so now im "HeLLa" bored. *sigh* chi is so awesome. Welp, im gonna get going. I got alot of sleeping to catch up on!! I'll leave you with the quote of the day.

*Quote of the Day*

"Will you be my valentine, if i'm a world away?"

Friday, February 15, 2002
Ok, i forgot to do one last thing. (hey, i like posting stuff. its fun)

*Quote of the day*

Hey excuse me, but whats your name? ....Because i see you everday."

this is a test

Ok, i know i just did a post, but hey, it wasnt really an official post because it was like an intro. This is cool. I have the power to post stuff here and you cant do anything about it. Well, its like Friday night. I just got home from work. Work is cool, but im gonna have to stop working because i want more time to do other things. If you didnt know, i work at Famous Footwear in Ontario Mills. Ontario Mills is like my 2nd home. I'm there all the time, mainly 'cause i work there. It's a swell place indeed. Wow, its like 11:20 and nobody only like 3 people are on from my buddy list. Usually at this time there are about 10 or so online. Agh, its ok. I've found better things to do than chat with you people! Yesterday was Valentines Day. Davina is right. Why do so many people make such a big deal about Valentines Day? Ehhh, they must be in love or something. Hey guess what!!! i think i did pretty good on my anthropology midterm, even though i barely studied for it! You know what sucks? I spend hours and hours studying for fcuking math and i failed the midterm. I hate math. If you like math, then get a life, or at least give me one. Thanks for reading today. Check back next time.

Hey whats up everybody!!! I think this blogger thing is pretty cool. It allows me to post my thoughts and crap like that, and it allows people like you to read it. Isnt that rad??? But yah, i got the idea from duh-vee-nah (Davina). She is a pretty rad chic. Thanks alot for the idea, cause if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt be doing this. i'd probably doing something else like cwalking or something even though i suck. hahaha. Sweeet. Well, i guess this introductory post is pretty much done. KeeP checking back. It'll give you something to do every now and then.