i give up

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Sunday, May 19, 2002
What a day it was for me. I cant really talk about it on this thing, 'cause it's some serious stuff y'know. I woke up at like 11 am today, and went online and checked my email. That pretty much shaped out my day. I read an email, which not only changed my day, but also changed my outlook on life, and how its not fair sometimes. Actually, i dont know what im talking about, because im happy with what i have right now.. Anyways, I took numerous naps throughout the day. I was in bed almost the whole day, just listening to such songs like "Road To Recovery" by Rufio or "Three's a Charm" by Starting Line. Also, i finally realized how good of a song "Change" is, by Good Charlotte. In the song, there are such lyrics like "You cant change the way you feel" and "and now you've got me thinking about, the first time that i met you, and now i cant forget you."

I'm gonna get back to playing the guitar. It will help me get some things off my mind, or maybe not.

I really need to start doing better in school. This next month is like do or die for me. If i dont do good, then im screwed. So for the next month, im pretty much just gonna chill at my house and concentrate on school. No more going out for Terence.

Saturday, May 18, 2002
The Starting Line is such an amazing band live. I was really feeling bummed out yesterday (friday), for some odd reason, but when Starting Line played, it felt good. I felt how i felt before i had any worries. What the fuck am i talking about? i have no worries...but yah, i was so into that performance, especially when they played "Saddest Girl Story." If you didnt know, thats been the story of my life for like the past 6 months or so. I was hoping they would close with that song, but they didnt. As for the rest of the bands, well i didnt pay attention to them. However, Finch does rock.

So today (saturday) i stayed home, sort of. Jimmy came by at like 11 am, then we went to get some food at sams club. Sams club is great. Churros cost 50 cents there, and slurpees are 99 cents. adflakjsdflkj!!! After that, i went home, and did nothing. Well, i watched the Lakers kick ass, then i mowed the lawn because i need to earn some cash somehow. Then after that, i went to my room and lied in my bed and stared at the ceiling for like 20 minutes.....Then, i got up and just had to visit someone at work, 'cause like yah...you know. Even though i was only able to spend 10 minutes with her, it was worth every second.

if you want to see some good opinions about love and stuff, then go to my cousin Jerry's blogspot.
And no, Jerry is not really gay. He just makes it seem like he is.

Thursday, May 16, 2002
mMmMM churros + slurpees are good. Well yah, i went to the beach today. It was freezing, but i didnt care so i went in the water anyways. haha i was quite cold afterwards. HmMmm. Tommorow im going to the Finch and Starting Line show, i guess. I'm not too hyped for it. I dont know why, but im just not, but im still gonna go just 'cause. EhhHh. Oh well. I'm not feeling good at all right now. HmMm Jerry told me that a blogger is supposed to talk about opinions. Well Jerry, here's my opinion: you're gay! haha. well yah, i am getting sick of school and stuff. I had an interview at pacific sunwear, and that went very good. Now i can hook all you guys up with Spitfire. ((sarcasm)) But yah, i've been broke for the past 2 months. I told my parents that i'd do alot of chores for them this week so i can earn some money for next friday, the 24th, 'cause of stuff going on that day. Well yah...akfjalsfjdlasjdfl!!!

uM..wow. i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!! haha. i haven't wrote on this thing in a loooooong time!!! The last time i wrote on here was like on March 30th. whoa! It's been like 45 days. Geeez!!! haha. So yah, since this is my blogspot, and not yours, i'll talk about myself. How have i been in the past 45 days? Well, i've just been dandy, especially in the past 4 or 5 days. Why?!? just ask!!! haha yah. im sooOoo happy right now, sort of. School sucks and so does work. But girls are always great, well some of them, especially this one girl . haha *wink wink* thats to you chi!. haha if you're reading this, then u prolly know me personally. You're prolly sick of it 'cause i talk about her too much, huh? haha. but anyways...the lakers are good, and so is your mom. haha, sorry i just had to say that because Jon (from rufio) always says the "and so is your mom" part. Oh yah, i'm not really Jon (from rufio), so please dont send me degrading photo's of yourself. haha. So whats going on in my life? nothing much. haha yeah right. alot's been going on. I've been drinking too much alchihol lately. haha j/k i could never have too much of that. Here's some cool quotes....

But yah, i cant wait til May 24th.

"In the car, i just cant wait, to pick you up on our very first date" -*First Date* by Blink 182....
"Hands down this was the best date i could ever remember..." -*Hands Down* by Dashboard Confessional
"I could tell my life was changing, since the minute i met you" -*Minute I Met You* by New Found Glory
"ahhhhhhh" - *T & C* by Thrice
"My hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so wont you kill me, so i die happy" - *Hands Down* by Dashboard Confessional

Ok, thats nuff fo now. Take care.