i give up

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Tuesday, July 30, 2002
I forgot to say that i talked to chi for the first time all summer. We didnt talk long, but it felt kinda good to talk to her again....especially since i've been waiting all summer to talk to her.

Today was a cool day. I played NCAA football 2003 all friggen day. That game is great, but don't ever be on Jimmy's team because he doesnt know how to run the friggen option! damn him. haha. i talked to ruby on the phone today. she's a real cool girl indeed. we're supposed to hang-out sometime but i dont know when. uMmM tommorow (tuesday) i dont think we are practicing, but we are most likely practicing on wednesday 'cause if not then thats some gay shiet! As of right now, i dont have any plans for tommorow. *sigh* its quite late right now. i think im gonna go to bed now so i can have pleasant dreams about my new Delux Turbo 5000 drill. I didn't get to play with it today because i ran out of batteries. You can't screw anything without batteries because there isnt enough energy in the capacitator, which generates the rotating motion. uhhh...i feel good again...uhhh whoopdee frikken doo! I'm supposed to make a wooden stool for Valerie. She said she'd tell all her hot friends that i know how to make stuff with wood only if i made her something as well. I just think she's using me because she wants a free stool!

Jimmy is funny. he wrote this about me and Jon (from rufio)

BullsBearsAndSox: You see he probably really does like making things out of wood, while on the other hand you probably get wood thinking of him making things out of wood

hahahahaha! shut up! i'm not gay dude. i like girls. i seriously do !

haha here's somemore funny stuff that happened today. it was with me and my friend brian bermundez.

UNAMPUMAS19: so who's this girl that likes you?
Ko8e8ryant: just some girl that i'd never go for 'cause she's asian
UNAMPUMAS19: why is that?
Ko8e8ryant: asian girls dont have big enough boobs.
UNAMPUMAS19: haha what school does she go to?
Ko8e8ryant: Martin Luther King Middle School
UNAMPUMAS19: hahahahaha
Ko8e8ryant: whats so funny?

hahaha gosh. what a quite funny quite day that was quite quite QUITE so!


Monday, July 29, 2002
Upcoming Plans for the Week

Yippee friggen skippee!!! i finally have a booked week! i feel cool now! haha. before i write about my upcoming week, i'll let all you kid's know about what i did for the past few days. HMmmm lets see...on Thursday, we had big time band practice. We have our first song completely finished and might i add, it sounds so good. What else did i do these past few days? Oh yah!!! i finally got my Delux Turbo 5000 Drill. i like making stuff out of wood...it's fun. you should try it out sometime. did i also mention it has rotating bits and insertable contracting rods??? wow!!! it also came with a free Bob Vila video on how to make stuff out of wood. That guy is my new hero. My new favorite TV show is Home Improvement. argh ugh argh ugh!!! Included was also a free rebate for two free passes to ANY Los Angeles Zoo in america!!! i lke watching monkey's hump each other. .....uhhh...i feel good.....uhhh...anyways yeah, we're thinking of a cool band name right now. Any suggestions? just email me at ko8e8ryant@aol.com and please dont send me degrading pic's of urself...unless youre 14 years or younger. i hate degrading pictures mainly because d_wreck keeps sending me them of himself. haha you sick freak!!! haha jk! anyways..now on to this weeks plans.....!!! asdlkfjasldfj!

ok i guess practice is cancelled. we were supposd to have band practice but jerry is being a fag so i guess practice is cancelled. madd fag axion.

i'm supposed to hang out with ruby that day. i dont quite know what were gonna be doin so i dunno. she's a cool girl indeed. we also most likely will practice this day hopefully.

we HAVE to practice this day if we dont practice on monday or tuesday. Also, i wanna practice this day anyways since i dont have any plans. maybe the beach? i'd choose going to the beach over practice, but not if it means screwing the rest of the band-mates over madd. by the way, my brother reggie doesnt quite know the meaning of "brother." for the past few days, he's been gettin on my friggen nerves. he doesnt know how to friggen share. damn him. just for that, i'm not gonna let him ever use my Delux Turbo Drill 5000!!!

rufio show! whoopdee freaking doo!!!! i havent seen rufio play for a while. more importantly, i havent seen Jon for a while also!!! hahaha that was gay of me to say. wow that rhymed. im gonna start a profession rapper one day and my name is gonna be "Tite Shit yO" oh wait, i dont want that name anymore...'cause ..by the way, have any of u heard of those rappers called the Big Tymers? gosh i hate them so much. The rap industry today is just so friggen ludicrous. lol get it?

no plans yet. this is my free day, just in case some girl named Christine wants to hang out with me. I can show her my Delux Turbo Drill 5000. it might just amaze her and steal her heart!!! Here's a joke...whats one thing that Christine and my Delux Turbo Drill 5000 are good at? Answer: they both know how to handle wood! hahah ok sorry that was kinda lame and sick. i didnt mean it at all! ......uhhh...yeah.

Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Sunday, July 21, 2002
Today was a really good day. Today, i realized some stuff in my life that will, in a way, help me move on in life. Today, i realized that my job at pac-sun is so totally cool. So many people apply there because they want to work there, and now i know why. The working environment is so cool. Alot of hot chic's shop there. All my co-workers are totally cool as well. I've been working there for a lil over 2 months now, but today was the first day i actually worked with a particular girl. This girl's name is.....well, i cant say it here, but if u want me to tell you, then just ask! This chic is not the same chic that i mentioned in the previous journal entry. Today was the first day i officially met this girl. However, of course i knew who she was and she knew who i was since we work at the same place. We were both hired in the same month, so she's relatively knew just like me. Well, today was a cool day. We just totally clicked when we talked. It seemed like i had already knew her because thats how we acted. We didnt act as if we just met each other. Geez. I cant get her picture out of my head. She's so cute and pretty and what not. I havent felt this new excitement for quite some time. hahaha i sound pathetic right now. This new girl is the kind of girl that i know i'll prolly like for a while. She is definately girlfriend material. She's the kind of girl that can get my mind off of another particular girl...Geesh i just cant wait to see her again. I dont know when the next time i'll work with her is, especially since neither of us work much. I just hope she doesnt have a b/f.

I'm not gonna fuck this one up... i promise you guys that.

Also, i hung out with andrew after i got off work. We just watched the movie "rock star"..That movie is great. He also showed me this new song on guitar. It sounds really, really good. Andrew also taught me the correct guitar chords for "change" by Good Charlotte. Is that anybody's favorite song????? As jerry once said..."you cant let go of something you never had"
until next time....


Friday, July 19, 2002
Wow i've been posting alot lately. I've been on this computer alot lately 'cause i've been very bored. Well today we practiced. We came up with a few more songs. So far, we have 3 really good songs down, but we just need to add some lyrics. Also today, i went and played bball. Jerry got balled up by some old guy. hahaha u suck dude!!! Lately, i've kinda been thinking about "stuff." It seems like i still like this girl, yet i like another girl. So yah, i got a new crush. This new girl, whom i cant name because she might be reading this, is soooo totally hot. She's got a cool personality too. But dang, she's soooooooo hot. MmMmMm DrOoOoOoL!~!!!! hahaha yah...if u dont know who my new crush is, then just ask and who knows, i might just tell ya!!! wuhooo bye dudes!

Thursday, July 18, 2002
the u s u a l side

Full Name: Terence Derek Morales
Nicknames: T-Mo or Trident...haha
Screen name: "Ko8e 8ryant" or "RUFiO is good"
Age: 19!!!
Nationality: filipino
Grade: soon to be in 2nd year at UCR
Sex: guy
Birthday: March 23rd, 1983
Zodiac sign: aries
Location: fontana, ca
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: Dark brown i suppose
Siblings: two older brothers.
Hobbies: hmMmM...i enjoy most sports, especially golf. i like playing sports video games. i like playing guitar or bass even though im not good. sitting around and doing nothing while at jerry's house is cool too.

The C R U S H Side

Crush: yes. of course i have a crush, i think

Girlfriend/Boyfriend: no.

If you could go out with anyone in the world, it would be: hahaha... i'd go out with this girl i've liked for so long.

What do you first notice about the opposite sex: most of the time, their eyes.

Your idea of a perfect date: my perfect date would be just hanging out with this one girl i like. it doesnt matter what we do, just as long as im with her. She would then bust out a whole 10 pound bag of strawberries and i would eat them all!!! hahaah strawberries are good.

Perfect girl: someone that accepts me for the nerdy person that i am. also, common interest would be a plus also. I also want someone that not only laughs at my nerdy jokes, but also makes up nerdy jokes as well. hMmm.. my perfect chic also must be someone that i can talk to about just about anything. The perfect girlfriend would also be the kind of girl that i can consider as a best friend.

Memory you would never forget: the best day of my life...May 13, 2002

If you could go back in time,where would you go?: rebound week.

Thing that you regretted doing after you had done it: falling apart

What'd you do yesterday? hung out with kenny, then hung out with jerry.

Last thing you said: "i swear im not gay!" ahahaha

Last song you listened to: "letters to you" by Finch..this song is the story of my life right now!

The F U T U R E Side

Occupation: i'm not sure yet
Dream Car: I want a silver Audi TT. aka the Kobe car!
Where will you live?: somewhere un-ghetto.

The A L L - T I M E F A V O R I T E S Side

Food: I like philly cheese steaks. those are great.
Drink: Dr. Pepper for now...
TV show: sportscenter
Movie: Spiderman
Music: i like too many different genres, but i guess mainly punk.
Singer/Rapper: Jordan from NFG..he's like my 2nd idol. screw brandon boyd. he's gay.
Bands/Groups: rufio, new found glory, larger than life, starting line, dashboard confessional, thrice, afi, finch, slick shoes, audio karate, blink, green day, linkin park, system of a down, good charlotte, juliana theory, ataris, eiw...plus more and more
Radio Station: i barely listen to the radio nowadays.
Color: neon blue. hMmm who has a neon blue backpack again?
Actor: chris tucker
Actress: jennifer love hewitt
Favorite Clothing brand: Active gear
Favorite Shoe brand: emerica
Cookie: oreo
Phrase you overuse: "oreo" or "you're gay"
Sport you watch on TV: golf, basketball, football, baseball

The P E O P L E Y O U K N O W Side

Friends: uMMm i swear i have more than 3 friends!!!! haha
Funniest: kenny LOL. he's quite the joke-ster
Skills: andrew on guitar...damn him for being so good.
Loudest: kaanon
Skinniest: me
Best at keeping secrets: madd j_rocc axion. he don't tell anybody anything.
Smartest: edgar
Nicest: its a tie between my cousin picca and bronny
Sweetest: picca, because i own her
Prettiest: hMmM i wonder who this could be?!? haha you guys prolly all know who i'm talking about
Best Personality: she knows who she is.
Awesomest: lol what a coincidence!
Tallest: jimmy
shortest: kenny is the shortest of all shorts.
Weirdest: all of you who are reading this!!!
Most annoying: suzy, only because i'm the most annoying towards her!


Peanut butter OR Jelly: peanut butter
Coke OR Pepsi: pepsi
Matt OR Ben: Jon, the bassist from RUFiO ; ) lol he's so silly. hehehe
Ketchup or Mustard: Ketchup
Flowers OR Candy: candy
guys or girls: depends which guy it is...hahaha jk, of course girls
Dawson's Creek OR Felicity: uMm Dawson's Creek?
Romantic, Chick flicks, Comedy OR Horror: all of them, just as long as im with a chick when im watching it. haha jk ; )
Book OR Magazine
: magazine's, especially "SLAM" or "ESPN the magazine"
TV OR Radio: tv
Is the glass half full OR half empty? it's half gay.


Do you believe in angels?: yes
Heaven? yes
God?: yes
Yourself?: all the time


Been on a plane: yep
Cried in public: cmon now...do i look gay? ok, dont answer that...
Climbed a tree: yep
Fell asleep in a Movie Theater: yep, we saw "Austin Powers 2" really late one night and i was tired.
Met a celebrity: yep
Met the president: no
Gotten a cavity: yeah alot of times
Had an online relationship: hahaha i refuse to answer this question. lol jk
Skipped school: yeah.
Loved somebody so much it made you cry: Naw. I've never cried over that stuff, but shit it really does suck to like someone so much, and then believe that they like you back, but eventually (when you're already hooked) find out that the person doesnt like you back. geez that sucks bad. "...and i didnt mean to, lead you on" -NFG


Bill Clinton: he's cool
Men in skirts: i hope Jon (from rufio) has never worn a skirt, because since he's my idol, i might be tempted to wear one since he wears them. hahaha
Dreams: jon (from rufio) hahaha
Love: it's a 3-fold utopian dream.
Whipped Cream: mMmmMm. whipped creamMmMm
Guys: some guys are cool. i guess.
Girls: theyre hot.
Frats/sorities: they're lame.


Do you sleep with a stuff animal? yeah i do.
What are the last 4 digits of your number? home: 4995 cell: 2282
One pillow or two? 1
Cotton or feather?: feather
Last CD you bought: uMmm i dunno. i just get all my CD's burned since im so broke. But if i had money, i'd prolly go out and buy the new Starting Line CD!
What did you wear today?: an NFG hoodie with some dickies shorts. oreo
Is Tupac alive? yeah.
Thoughts on Britney Spears?: who is britney spears...? haha. jk

What does your screen name mean?: i named it after this one basketball player for the Lakers. Maybe you've heard of him. My main AIM sn, "RUFiO is good" means that this band called rufio is quite good.
Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous? right on...
What is on your mouse pad? nothing
What is under your bed?: a bunch of weight's
What are some web-sites you visit most: i go to these sites alot...
espn.com (sports is good)
absolutepunk.net (daily source for punk news)
activemailorder.com (good stuff)
goldenvoice.com (shows!!!)
spokewrnh.blogspot.com (jerry's journal)
dwreck.blogspot.com (derek's journal)
i also go to Kim's picture gallery thingie. it's cool.

well that's the end of this survey.

Wednesday, July 17, 2002
I havent posted on this sucker for a while. Not much has really happened lately, except this whole band thingie. We practiced today. I dont know if we can even call it an official practice since we didnt really have all the proper equipment. I just have this feeling that this band is gonna be really really good. Especially since Andrew is on guitar. He's really good and creative. Also, Chris is a really good drummer, and of course Jerry is a nice voice. I'm on bass and i guess i'm the hearthrob. haha. As a band, we just sorta clicked, just like how my relationship with someone else clicked so well. grrRrrWell, pac-sun sucks. I dont get any hours 'cause im asian. Damn me and my slanted eyes. haha. Rufio is a great band. This summer has been so boring for me and jerry that we go to the gym now. hahahaha. Jerry friggen lifted 200 pounds the other day. I was like "what the fuck!!! you damn freak!" haha you loser! What else can i talk about? oh haha. What's up d_wreck. This post is dedicated to you since you tell me to update every 10 minutes or so. haha loser! br@hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fasdfklajfleiaocad!!! wuhooo! i did'nt have much to write about, so yah....check back next time suckers 'cause i'll prolly think of something.??

oh yah...listen to "Letters To You" by the band called Finch. That song is the story of my life right now.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002
i don't have much to write about today, so i'll just post this song.

"My Prayer" by Devotion

In a dream I hold you close
Embracing you with my hands
You gazed at me
With eyes full of love
And made me understand
That I was meant to share with you
My heart, my mind, my soul
Then I opened my eyes
And All I see
Reality shows I'm alone
But I know someday that you'll be by my side
Cuz i know God's just waiting till the time is right

God, would you keep her safe from the thunderstorm
When the day is cold
Will you keep her warm
When darkness falls
Will you please shine her the way
God, will you let her know
That I love her so
And there's no one there
That she's not alone
Just close her eyes
And let her know
My heart is beating with hers

So I pray until that day
When our hearts will beat as one
I will wait so patiently
For that day to come
I know someday that you'll be by my side
Cuz I know God's just waiting till the time is right

repeat chorus

Its beating with hers
My heart is beating with hers
Its beating with hers

repeat chorus

Its beating with hers...
Its beating with hers

If you're reading this, then hey...it's your favorite "non-punk" song...

Tuesday, July 09, 2002
Wow i havent posted here for a few days. My weekend was quite boring, as always. However, today...aka monday, was quite cool. I woke up and felt all sick, so i ate ice cream and that made me feel better! haha. oh yah, me and jerry went to the gym to play some bball. We balled up some jigga's...actually they schooled us so bad. So after that me and him pumped iron. We are both weak and out of shape, hahaha. After that, i went to Guitar Center and finally bought my bass guitar! i'm so pumped. It's great. It's the same style and color as Jon's (from rufio), except his of course is way more expensive. Yep. Soooo i finally got the bass that i've wanted for so long. I've been saving up all my paycheck's from Pac-sun just to buy it. Seriously, i havent spent 1 penny from any of my paychecks until today. Finally, the band can begin.....
Andrew- Guitar
Chris- Drums
Terence- Bass
?????- Vocals....i have someone in mind that i want to sing for us. He knows who he is. He know's he's like one of the best singers in this area too. And he also knows that we would be a really good band, but all we need is his voice.

So yah, keep that in mind. We do need you to sing for us. We won't dedicate our lives to it, so dont even worry about it. We wont practice everyday. Besides, we can practice whenever we're bored, since we do get bored all the time. Your at a stage in your life where you can write the best songs, because of the mood you are currently in. Everyone in the band pretty much clicks. You know that too, especiallysince you've sang for us before. You also know we wont put all the pressure on you. I know you dont have all the time on your hands, but then again, neither do we, but we do have enough time to do this whole band thingie.

So think about it dude...

you know how much it would mean to me if you did.

Sunday, July 07, 2002
New Found Glory is great!

Thursday, July 04, 2002
As you all know, Rufio is my favorite band of all time. I've seen them play live 6 times. I could have seen them play sooo many more times but work screwed me over. Since i'm bored off my ass right now, i'm gonna do a countdown of my favorite Rufio shows, from worst to best. I know i'm lame for doing this, but then again, you're even lamer for reading this!!! hahaha j/k

6. May 1st 2002, UCR... This show was horrible. UCR is by far the worst school when it comes to putting on concerts. They opened with "Still" and closed with "Above Me." However, some stupid fucker pulled the plug on Rufio about half-way through their last song. I was pissed, and so was Rufio. However, on a brighter note, this show was pretty cool because i got to hang out with the band and meet them, so that was cool. The Deviates and Dumbstruck played with them, and i went to the show by myself, but i met up with some friends there. Also, the bastards didnt play "One Slow Dance."

5. March 24th 2002, The Troubadour... This show was good, but it doesnt rank as one of their best because they were the friggen opening band. They only got to play about 5 or 6 songs. They opened with "In My Eyes" and closed with of course they closed with "Above Me." The crowd wasn't really into them because like i said, they were the opening band and usually people dont get too stoked for opening bands. I went with my good friend Andrew to this show. Hot Rod Circuit, Further Seems Forever, and Thrice played at this show. Thrice is fucking amazing. Once again, these faggots didnt play "One Slow Dance." WTF! haha. Those bastards can play "Just A Memory" but they cant play "One Slow Dance"??? Damn you Clark for being asian.

4. December 7th 2001, The Troubadour...This was totally a hardcore show, since they played with other hardcore bands like Piebald and Death on Wednesday and of course, the best hardcore band of them all, Thrice. In fact, i think Thrice is the best punk band out there right now, they just arent as popular as others. Rufio opened their set with "Still" and once again, closed with "Above Me." I went with Jerry to this show, but then again, i go with Jerry to like every show. Well once again, they didnt play "One Slow Dance." Damn you Rufio!

3. November 10th, 2001 U Of Redlands... This was the very first time i was able to see Rufio. I could have seen them plenty of more times before, but i kept on getting screwed by work and they never gave me days off. I was so stoked for this show. It was probably the most memorable show i've been to so far, since so many people i knew were there. hmmm lets see...Jerry, Kim, Reggie, Kaanon, Joey, Thuy, and Chi we're all there. It was an average show though. The*Ataris headlined, and other bands that played are Tsunami Bomb, Codename Rocky, and Fairview. Rufio stole the show though. I think Rufio had more fans there than any of the other bands. Rufio played second, and they opened with "THE WRATH"!!!!!. Yay. haha. Well, really they opened with "Save The World" but y'know. Of course, they played "Above Me" last, and those dudes played "One Slow Dance"!

2. May 11th 2002 - Guitar Center... This was a free show, and it was in their hometown of Rancho Cucamonga. How could this show not be great!?? Rufio put on a freaking good ass show. There was so much energy from everybody in the crowd. It was great. They opened with "Still" and of course closed with "Above Me." Those bastards we're about to play "One Slow Dance," but stupid Clark and his asian-ness didn't want to. As i re-call, Clark said "I don'th wantsth toothsh playths thatsth sthong." Yes, he has a lisp. However, they did play "Road To Recovery" so that was cool. I went with Chi to this show, and she's a really cool girl.

1. February 10th 2002, House Of Blues in Anaheim...This is by far the best show i've ever been to. Rufio was the headlining band, and they played with really good bands like Noise Ratchet, Audio Karate, and Finch!!! Those bands kick ass. The crowd was totally into the show, so that was cool. Rufio opened with "Still" and they closed with "Above Me" as always. They also played "One Slow Dance" and "Road To Recovery"!!! They played like all of their songs pretty much, and it was great. I went with Jerry and Kim to this show. So yah, this was the best show i've been to.

Well there you have it. The next rufio show i'm going to is August 1st at the House Of Blues, and they are headlining. So yah, go light some fireworks suckers.


Tuesday, July 02, 2002
I felt like doing a cool and funny and different journal entry tonight! yay

haha i stole this idea from Jerry. He did a list of his top girls, so that kind of prompted me to do this. So yah, if you're a girl and you're reading this list, don't get offended! In fact, you should feel special!! haha sweet. By the way, this list is in no particular order.

Chi Tran - She's the prettiest girl i know in the whole wide world. Since the day i saw her, i just couldnt take my eyes off her. It took me a few weeks to actually go up to her and meet her, and since i've met her, i havent been able to find a girl with a better personality. I can go on and on about how awesome she is...and thats why i will. haha. So yah, she's so cool to hang out with. She's also has such a great sense of humor too. We have so many inside jokes together that people would think we are total dorks when we hang out. She laughs at my dumb jokes when nobody else does. She also has this really cool truck that i've been wanting for years. Oh yeah, and we both have the exact same common interests too, such as music and what not. I really can go on and on and on...but i guess i'll stop here since i have 9 more girls to go.

Erika something - Ok, i dont know her last name because i just barely met her. She works with me at Pac-sun and she is very hot. She's is also very cool to be around. She's quite fun i guess. I dont know too much about her, but yeah...she's very attractive and from i know, she has a cool personality.

Robyn Raubolt - *sigh* my high school crush. yay. This girl describes the term "pure beauty" at its best. She is soooo beautiful. She has the nicest smile that my slanted eyes have ever seen. Also, she is the nicest girl i've ever met too. Now i know why she won homecoming queen. Also, she isnt asian, so that's a plus. This means she wont screw me over big time. haha.

Tham Nguyen - She is a really cool chic. She is prolly the funniest girl i talk to. She's got like one of the coolest personalities out there, and she watches out for me when it comes to girls. HaHa one time, i liked this one girl that she hated. I felt bad because she didnt like her, yet i did. LOL i said "yet". But yah, she's quite the cool one. And i think she is the one that first started calling me "T-Mo"...

Vanessa Ceja - This girl is totally hot. She kind of reminds me of Mila Kunis from "That 70's show." Yep, this Vanessa girl is very beautiful. Her personality is amazing. She also has some of the nicest eye's i've ever seen. She is also really nice. She's a little too nice, actually. But yah, i think she still has a boyfriend, who by the way can totally kick my ass, so i better stop talking about her! haha.

Jon Berry - He is the bassist from Rufio. He is the hearthrob of the band, and deservedly so! I mean cmon, just look at him! hahaha. He is one big goofball too. hehehe oooohhh Jon, you're so silly ; )

Linda Vuong - This girl was in my English class, and she was by far the prettiest girl in there. I remember the first day of class, she walked in, and i was hoping she would sit next to me! haha guess what??!? she did!! i was like "wuhooo"..She has a very sweet personality and a very nice smile. She also has great style. This girl can dress like the best of em. She is also quite intelligent too.

Kimberly Duong - the absolute coolest girl in the world!!! haha right on Kim. She's a really cool girl to talk to, and she has a very cool personality. Yah, i talk to her about some of my girl problems or issues that i'm going through right now, and she's given me pretty good advice. Also, she's really pretty too, and her style is really cool.

Michelle Cruz - This girl is a cutie wit a bootie. Haha. She is from up north, near the San Jose area, which sucks because she is so hot. She is only 12 years of age, so i can only imagine how she'll look in about 6 years when she becomes legal! Well yah, she is quite a hottie for her age.

Monserrat Carillo - This girl is quite the pretty one too. I had a lil crush on her back in 8th grade, and i never really talked to her in High school, but then in college, we started to become friends. She's really cool and she laughs at almost anything i say. She's quite the homie. Haha, i also remember that in 8th grade, she was the first girl to notice i had braces, and that was prolly the reason why i started to like her. Lame huh?

I hope u enjoyed this list!!! You guys might think of me as a shallow fcuker, but oh well. haha. right on dudes...check back later for a list of my top 10 guys.

haha...just kidding. I would never do a list of guys. After all, i'm 99% straight! i swear! haha j/k

Monday, July 01, 2002