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Saturday, September 28, 2002

ugh. i hate school. The only cool thing about school is, uhhh everything except all the work. haha. This qtr looks like it will be one of the more interesting qtr's for me. The big reason it'll be different is because of the classes i am taking. I am taking Women Studies20!!! Wow, that class is...wow. So many KABLOOOOOOOW girls are in that class. There are like 100 people in there and only 5 guys. Out of the 95 girls in there, about 92 of them are KABLOOOOOOOOW. My buddy Erika is also in this class with me, and she is KABLOOOOOWOWOWOWWOWWOW!!!!! hahaha. I am also in Entomology, which is the study of BUGS!!! whooooo F'ing hoooo!!! haha. bugs are cool. And i'm in Econ2 with Robo Kenny, so that'll be fun. The only thing i dont like about this schedule is that i go to school everyday, which sucks bad. However, i only go for about 2-3 hours each day so that isnt too bad. Well i dont think i'll be seeing much of Chi this qtr. I only saw her for like 5 seconds each day so far. Thursday, we walked by each other and said hi. And today, she walked by me, but i was honestly just too afraid to go up to her. Weird stuff. uHhhh i jock her style. Thursday, she was all urban-skate, which is KABLOOOOOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!. Today, she was wearing some Rufio shirt that some loser probably gave her like last year (me). but uhhh anyways....i've seen lots of KABLOOOOOOW girls this school year so far. This school year is gonna be different! i will attend all my classes and be on time for each one! Even though i was late to my first class today, but it wasnt my fault!!! Christine called me in the morning, so that was cool since i havent talked to her in forever. good times. haha. well uhhh yeah. go UCR.

Tuesday, September 17, 2002
So you're probably wondering....why hasnt Terence written in his journal for a while? Uhhhh...ok so ur prolly not wondering that, but if you are!...i havent written in here because i kinda dont really have anything to write about....recently, i've been meaning to write an entry about my summer. So here it is....losers. haha j/k

Whoa! my summer started off LAAAAAAAAAAAAAME! haha. I seriously did absolutely nothing for like the first month or so. I wasn't working much, and i had no money, and the band was not "officially" formed yet. So yeah, i spent my days doing absolutely nothing. However, my summer changed on July 9th. Why? I bought my bass that day!! whooooo F'ing hoooooo!!! I bought that bass, and we still weren't a band. A few days after, however, we became on n' stuff. However, my summer got GREAT towards the end of July, because i started talking to a certain individual that is so awesome. Her name is Christine Flores. She's got the greatest personality ever dudes. I've honestly never met a girl with such a great personality. I remember how i always thought she was hot, which intimidated me a lil. haha. But after our first conversation, that was when i knew she was gonna be something awesome. So yeah, anyways. During the same time me and christine started talking n' stuff, this whole band thing started to take shape. We started practicing more and more, and got some songs down. Then one day during practice, Chris was like "hey lets play at the carnival at St. Marys" then we were like "ok." haha. So thats how the whole show got planned. Then came August, an even better month for me. I remember this one particular saturday, me and jerry hung out because we we're bored. We went to the mall n' stuff. We saw everybody and their mom's there!!! haha. So after we left, me and him we're in the parking lot. We we're bored and thinking of something to do. He takes my phone and starts calling random people. Little did i know that one of those person's was Ms. Chi Tran. He told me he called her, but i didnt believe him...until later that night, when she IMed me. This was the first time we ever talked the entire summer, and it was a much needed conversation. The torment inside of me left my heart after this convo. But anyways, the band started practicing more, like every other day because we had to prepare for the show. Remember how my summer was booooooring at the beginning? I now found myself busy every minute. I remember one week, i got like no sleep. Here's how a normal day went during that week: wake up, go straight to band practice, go straight to work, go home and talk to christine til like 4 am. *sigh* haha i wish those days would come back. So then came the big show, September 7th. We invited everybody to that show!!! Not everyone showed up, but there were still alot of people. I'd hate to admit it, but uhhh we did good. That was just a lil taste of Joshua Court though people! Notice how i said "lil". So be on the lookout! haha. That show was rather bittersweet to me though. ALOT of people showed up, but christine wasnt there, so that sucked big time. i was kinda bummed, but not too bummed. Chi went, and that meant alot to me....i mean ALOT. But i still wondered, why didnt Christine go? Actually, i just found out a few days ago that she has been on major restriction for the past 2 weeks 'cuase she got in a huge argument with her father. She cant go anywhere, and her dad took away her phone's as well. So yeah, its like impossible to talk to her now. I cant wait til she's allowed to do stuff 'cause again! haha. she's so awesome. darn her though! haha. i told her about the temporary Joshua Court website, but she hasnt been there yet. Well, recently, the band has just been practicing and i've been living a boring life again. I have money now so i go shopping like every day with Jerry, and he buys all the shoes i want. haha damn him. The band had planned to take 2 or 3 weeks off, but we realized we just love this thing too much, so our "2-3 week break" lasted only 6 days. Hurray. you read this all. get a life! hahahaha!

Since i wrote this long ass entry, i'm not gonna write in this thing for a loooooooooooong time!!! haha i dont like writing in this anymore.

GO HERE! http://joshuacourt.blogspot.com

since we havent said anything on the site, here's some "inside information" about Joshua Court.
-On the site, it said to look out for a demo within 2 months. Realistically, we're probably gonna have it done by early October if everythign goes as planned.
-Terence will be getting a new bass amp in 2 weeks.
-Jimmy is currently working on a kick-ass website!!!
-We have been constantly bugged about merchandise and demo's. uhhh people, we've played only 1 show so just wait for that stuff!!!
-girls have been on Jerry and Terence's jock big time lately. hahaha.
-After our show on September 7th, everybody has been saying stuff like "they got a kickass guitarist, a dope drummer, an incredible singer, and a hot bassist". Terence is offended by these comments because nobody is complimenting his bass skills. Hahahaha j/k
-We are looking to play a show at Pyro Skate Shop in Montclair Mall sometime early October.
-We are looking to play a show at The Coffee Bean across Ontario Mills sometime in October or early November.
-In a few months, we really want to play at the "Showcase Showdown" in Corona. More details on that later.
-We have a new song we are working on...uhhh its gonna blow your socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, this song alone can get us a minor record deal.
-We know we still need alot of work......but
-Dudes, we know we're good! hahahaha

By the way, school starts in less than 2 weeks.

Monday, September 16, 2002

geez. i was gonna write an emo filled bitch-about-love blog.....but uhhh. lol.

Thursday, September 12, 2002

WUHOOOOOO!!! you can now get into Rated-R movies.

Monday, September 09, 2002

Wednesday, September 04, 2002