i give up

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Thursday, October 24, 2002
daaaaaang. i just got home from jerry's. i tore his ass up in some NBA Live2003. oh yeah. i'm gonna go and get Madden2003 this weekend so i can tear him up in that game too. haha. but anyways...

ahhhh hell yes. Team "November" tore it up in some intramural flag-football this past wednesday. If you want to come see us win, our games are every wednesday at 7pm on the UCR rec field.

so yeah, my nigguh marques asked some girl out on his journal. what a great idea. one day, i'm gonna ask a girl out on this journal. So keep reading this just in case its you! haha just kidding. i'd never ask a girl out anymore, 'cause i'll just end up getting cancelled on. thats life...

Econ2 midterm tommorow. F*ck. that ones gonna suck.

So i finally bought myself a bass amp. hell yeah. You heard it first on this blogger. JC will accomplish the goals we have already set-out..

til' next time, keep on readin this, and someone please sign the JCourt guestbook.

Saturday, October 19, 2002
What a week it has been for me.. With band practice each day, and endless hours of studying each day for my midterm, it all came down to friday. Friday was the biggest day of the year for me, so far. So much stuff went on that day. All i can say is that i accomplished more than i thought i could this week. I know for a fact i did pretty good on my midterm for entomology, and well the show, it wasnt too bad.

However, i am still feeling the pains and effects of the horrible car accident i was in on thursday. The impact was very hard, especially since it was on the freeway. Me, Jerry, and Chris still feel like shit. Thanks to all of you that have consoled us. And Jerry, don't worry foo. i got yo back...

As for the show, thanks to all of you that actually went. We had some small technical difficulties with the guitar amp, but everything else turned out pretty good. I made a few mistakes here and there, but none too noticeable. I played with just so much emotion today, and i let out alot of the frustration that has been building up for the past few weeks. But yeah. Chi was not able to go. I do not know why she couldnt make it. I'm starting to get the hint that she wants nothing to do with me anymore, especially since i have been cancelled on so many many times. I understand though. She has her seperate life, and there is nothing else i can do to get it back the way it used to be. I have tried everything.

I have this next week to recover in school, especially in economics. I need to catch up big time. There is no band practice this next week. We all decided to take a week off so we can just freshen up our minds n' stuff. We record our CD demo on November 1st, so the week before that we will begin practice again. There will possibly be a November 2 show somewhere in Corona. If you are reading this, then you'll most likely be invited.

Tommorow is the Rufio show. I still have my extra ticket. I was supposed to give it to Jerry, but he cant go anymore. So now, i guess my extra ticket will go to waste. Either way, i'm stoked.

**Goodbye is the hardest word to accept.**
**you still read this, because you still care**

Wednesday, October 16, 2002
IT'S ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joshua F'ing Court is playing this Friday, 7pm in my garage! be there! for more info or something, just ask one of us. We want to play another show for you people that have already seen us, and for those who havent. i dont know. i just hope Chi goes.

We have been practicing alot lately, not because of the show, but because we are officially recorded our demo CD on November 1st inside of a studio at Kaiser High School!

So today was blah. School sucked as always, then at band practice, we sounded pretty good. Afterwards, my intramural football game was horrible. We lost to some no-name frat. But yeah, damn. Christine called me up today, but i missed her call by 2 minutes!!! ahhhh! i havent talked to her in the longest time so i was pretty bummed i didnt get to talk to her.

Entomology midterm on Friday. Damn.

Brian Bermudez is a great QB.

Sunday, October 13, 2002
lol, i just hit on erika. it was funny. but hey, she tempted me to! she set her self up for like the perfect pick-up line!


the Anaheim Angels are F'ing good! Adam Kennedy is my idol! haha. well yeeeaaahh maaann. The Angels are goin to the World Series! they're gonna take it. damn, all the tickets are sold out though.

so yeah, my weekend was alright. all i did was pretty much go shopping. i went to Wactive and saw Clarksph and Scott from Rufio. yeah man. they got a show at Quakes Stadium on the 19th. I'm goin to that one. A grip of people i know are goin. its gonna be tight. i wanted to ask erika if she wanted to go but she works that day. but yeah, i cant wait. Rufio in Rancho Cucamonga...it doesnt get any better than that.

Also, if everything goes well, this friday my band J-Court is playing a "private" show. not that many people will be there, because only a few will be invited....more details on that later, or if u want to know more about it, ask me.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002
another normal day for me. go to school, skip class to see a band play at noon, come back to the commons and act like a lil chicken, leave to get food, come back to see she's gone, then go to Econ class, then after that i'm hooooooome free! after school, the band practiced. the previous practice we had was probably our best ever, but this one was different. it was the most frustrating practice we've had in a while, mainly because we got stuck on the breakdown/bridge of our *new* song. we tried so many different things, but none just seemed to match. we have every part of the song done, except this breakdown part, and once we get that down, this song will sound so so so good. this is my favorite song that we have. it's very catchy. the drum line is awesome, the guitar riffs are technical, the lyrics/vocals are the best, and the bass line is ever so deep. well yeah, i'm so stoked for this song! i cant wait to play it at a show!

after practice, chris let me and jerry borrow his playstation2!!! whooo hooo!!! looks like big time video game fun for me and J-Quan.

Well, not here i am, sitting in front of my computer. i was about to sign off but then erika signed on and started going IM crazy on me. lol. Erika, if you're reading this...i did it.


Tuesday, October 08, 2002
i dont know if anybody reads this anymore. lol. but anyways...

today was just another same ol' same ol' day. all i did was go to school, and after that hang out with Kenny, and then stopped by Jerry's to pick up some stuff.

At school, i spent the latter half of my day all by myself and the first half with my good buddy Erika. This erika girl is so cool. like, i think she's real hot, but i dont think of her that way. She's just a real cool girl to talk to and to chill with. Very down to earth, indeed. We're getting cooler and cooler with each other by the day, but then again, we've been cool with each other since day 1. But yeah, i'm just starting to really really really be thankful for her friendship, especially right now. She is helping me get through alot of stuff...stuff i shouldnt be too worried about. It's good to get advice from a buddy of the opposite sex. I'm beginning to consider her one of my best buddies, because she's just so great. i don't really have any chic buddies at ucr, and i really wasnt looking forward to this school year, but she has been very helpful in easing the pain of having to show up each day. I know Erika will probably never read this, but if you ever do....then thanks buddy.

LoL, in my Women Studies class today, me and erika we're talking, and she was like "you better get ready, because after class we're going to the commons and you're gonna see ***....start practicing saying stuff like 'hi' and 'how are you'"...then i said "ok...i'll start practicing now....'hi erika, how are you?'....She replied by saying "i'm fine....how bout you?"...then i said "i agree"....LOL smoooooooth. haha

Well i cant wait for school tommorow because i'm gonna be rockin' a Joshua Court shirt for the first and ONLY time ever!

Friday, October 04, 2002