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Monday, March 31, 2003
So here i am, bored off my ass and i cant sleep, so i decided to write a list of some people who i think are cool. I've been meaning to write something like this for a while, but i wasnt sure if it was a good idea. Heck i dont give a fuck who reads this or what people think of me anyways. You guys are just a buncha stalkers that like reading about a young man's life who enjoys meeting people with big hands who are manual stimulators as a professional occupation.

A list of some very important people in my life...

Jerry Eusebio - This is my dawg. He's like my partner in crime. We dont kick it as much anymore 'cause we've got our own things going on, but once everything settles down, we'll spend alot of time together, just like 2 boys that have a crush on each other would do. He says that im always busy doing stuff. I tell him he's too busy playing Counterstrike. Oh well...summers coming up, and jcourt is coming back (sike!!!)

Kenny Aguirre - He was my first true friend, and uHHh...i prolly spend the most of my time with him and i see him the most. He's like the funniest guy i know, i dont think anybody's made me laugh as much as he has. When he broke his leg, the first thing he though about was how he wouldnt get to play flag-football this quarter. haha thats some funny shit. Well yea, to all you ladies out there, he is single! just IM him at DoctorHoliday24 now !!!

Tom Brady Quan- Ok i'll admit, we probably wouldnt be as close if it wasnt for Erika. But hey, i hang out with him more than i hang out with her now so who cares! Haha, erika gets so jealous that me and tom hang out! haha. Well yea, it seems like me and tom can do just about anything together, except fag-sex because we both have girlfriends...uHhHh...anyways, one day me and him will start a band and we will have a very interesting band-name. Well yea, he's one of my newer friends this year and its cool talking to him because sometimes, we go through the same emotional stuff.

Derek Nichols - aka d_wreck. He's the Br@h of all br@h's. So yea, he's the homie. I dont see him that much cuz he's always busy or im always busy, but when we do kick it, its some good times. haha One more thing, he broke Kenny's leg, so lets all kick his ass!

Christine - she's my girlfriend

My family - isnt this obvious? PS: Thanks mom & dad for giving me my phone back! And to my 2 SINGLE brothers, you both need some girls...

Erika De Alday - She's this really cool girl that i've met through work, but closer cause of a buncha other situations beyond my control. She's always there for me, even when i least expect it. I dunno. She's been nothing but an incredibly awesome friend to me. Even i'll admit that i dont deserve her friendship. I'm such a jerk or an ass sometimes, and she actually puts up with all of it. Its kinda weird. She tolerates me like no other person has. Erika does so much stuff for me, i cant even stress how much she means to me. There are several people in this world that i would do absolutely anything for, but Erika is the ONLY person that will do anything for me. Outside of my immediate family, i dont think anybody cares about me as much as her, which is quite odd to say since i've only known her since June. Because of all this, she's quickly turned into my best friend, plain and simple.

my spring break is OVER! School begins once again. Here's a look at what i did over my spring break.

- play xbox
- indulge in deep conversations with Tom about fag-sex
- play guitar
- play guitar while conversating with Tom about something secret...
- drink pink lemonade
- go to the driving range
- kick Tom's ass in xbox
- hang out with Christine

School, which i call hell, is going to start up once again. I hate it with a passion. I am flat broke. It sucks being broke. Somebody lend me money! In other news, i got my FUCKEN cell phone back!!! Now i can start calling all those 1-900-numbers without having to use a phone booth! (joke)

Monday, March 24, 2003
So on my birthday, i went to Disneyland with Christine.

PS: Terence & Christine - March 23, 2003

i think i did this one already. oh well.
series o1 -- basic info.
o1. first name - Johann
o2. birthday - April 11
o3. birthplace - i was born in Orlando, Massachusetts
o4. current location - wisconsin
o5. current school - UC Terence-side
o6. current job - i THINK i still work at pac-sun
o7. nickames - for some reason, people always call me "f*cking fag" or "hey you b*tch!"
o8. eye color- blue, just like the sky *sigh*
o9. hair color - red, just like the ocean *sigh*
1o. lefty or righty - right
11. zodiac sign - aries
12. innie or outtie - innie
13. religon - catholic
14. piercings- 2
15. tattoos - i have a tatoo of a dog doing it with a cat

series 2 -- what's your favorite.
o1. music - trance & jungle
o2. cartoon - DOUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
o3. colors - baby pink
o4. movie - Rock Star
o5. coffee - vanilla frap
o6. book - that one book that Descartes wrote
o7. magazine - Maxim
o8. tv show - Full House because Mary Kate and Ashley Olson are HOT!
o9. song - "set it off"
1o. candy- licorice
11. spice girl - Pinky Spice
12. food - Pizza
13. alcoholic drink - apple cider
14. subject in school - gay and bisexual studies
15. weekend activity - studying for my favorite subject in school.
16. holiday - st. patricks day
17. ice cream flavor: cookies and cream
18. perfume - tommy girl
19. roller coaster - indiana jones at Disneyland
2o. cereal - Apple Cinnamon cheerios

series 3: who is?
o1. the most prettiest person you know - Christine
o2. the weirdest person you know - Christine
o3. the funniest person you know - Christine
o4. the loudest person you know - Freddie
o5. the quietest person you know - Lorabel
o6. the sweetest person you know - Phillip
o7. the sorriest person you know - alot of people say they are sorry to me. i never forgive em
o8. the scariest person you know - Jake
o9. the sexiest person you know - Kenny
1o. your best friend - Erika De Alday
11. person you hate the most - i dont hate on anybody!
12. your crush? - sHhhH dont tell him!

series 4 -- what is?
o1. your most over used phrase on aim - "really?"
o2. the first thing you thought of when you woke up this morning - wow. i have a girlfriend
o3. the last image you thought of before you went to sleep - my girlfriend
o4. the first thing you notice about the opposite sex - smile and eyes
o5. best name for a butler - Masterbatler 3000
o6. the wussiest sport - no sports are wussy sports, but i must admit that playing the bass is a WUSSY PUSSY activity!
o7. song that describes you - "Boy Crazy" by Britney Spears
o8. your best feature - my big hands
o9. your bedtime - whenever my big hands get tired...uHhH please disregard that comment
1o. your biggest fear - i am living my biggest fear RIP long hair
11. your greatest accomplishment - beating up that lil 5th grader 2 weeks ago.
12. your missed memories - i dont like missing anything about the past. i like making new memories instead

series 5 - which do you prefer?
o1. pepsi or coke - PEPSI
o2. mcD's or burger king - mcD
o3. nikes or adidas - NIKE by far
o4. chicken nuggets of fingers - chicken nuggs
o5. dogs or cats - dogs HOLLER! cat's are lame! hahaha take that nikka HOLLER!!! where's my F*CKEN sign!
o6. rugrats or doug - rugrats...DOUG is a queer show that only QUEER'S watch!
o7. monica or brandy - both of em are ugly whore's! i'd have to say Queen Latifah.
o8. jay z or eminem - em
o9. lipton or nestea - nestea
1o. one pillow or two - one
11. chocolate or strawberry - strawberry
12. hot chocolate or hot cocoa - hot choc
13. coffee or milk tea - Coffee
14. drinks with or without ice - with
15. thongs or g-strings - uhhh...i prefer wearing thongs

series 6 do you?
o1. take a shower everydae - yea sometimes 4 times a day depending on how dirrrrrrrrrrrrrty i get!
o2. have a girlfriend?: yes i do!
o3. think you've been in love before - no
o4. want to go to college - someday i do
o5. like high school - its great!
o6. want to get married - yea but not til im like at LEAST 18!
o7. type with your fingers on the right keys - yes
o8. believe in yourself - lol...what a silly question
o9. get motion sickness - yes
1o. think your a health nut - no
11. get along with your parents - sometimes/mostly
12. like thunderstorms - we're in F*cking SUNNY california. if you answer YES to this question then move to ALASKA!

series 7 - your future?
o1. age you hope to get married - yes
o2. number and names of kids - 3 kids. 2 boys 1 girl. Boys: Hankie and Rosanna. Girls: Jerry
o3. where do you see yourself at age 2o - on my 20th birthday, i hope to get a girlfriend. OH WAIT ahhhh shit that happened yesterday!!!
o4. describe your dream wedding - i want to get married in a strip-joint full of non-clothed men and women.
o5. when and how do you want to die - "my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me, so wont u kill me? so i die happy"
o6. what are your career plans - manual stimulation to weatlhy rock stars
o7. someplace you like to visit - Topeka

series 8 - what is your opinions of the opposite sex?
o1. best eye color - brown
o2. best hair color - brown
o3. short or long hair - medium
o4. best height - 5'6"
o5. best weight - 99 lbs
o6. best article of clothing - knee-length denim skirts
o7. best first date location - sams club
o8. best first kiss location - costco
o9. describe your perfect other - christine flores

serires 9 -- other?
o1. what do you wear to bed - my OFFICIAL jon berry worn JON BERRY pajama's that i bought off ebay for $557
o2. when's the last time you slept with a stuffed animal - every nite
o3. have you ever played ouja board - no, but must admit i did play chess one night. stupid me it was the most regretful night of my life!
o4. how many rings before you pick up the phone - 14 (if they really wanna talk, then they'll wait for me to pick up!)
o5. what's on your mouse pad - only internet nerds with no lives and like boys with sexually stimulating toys use the computer everyday!
o6. how many houses have you lived in - 3
o7. how many schools have you gone to - 2
o8. color of your bedroom carpet - pink (no, really)
o9. would you shave your head foe $5,ooo - no, i'd only shave my head if someone paid me alot of money!
1o. if you were stranded on a island name one person you would want to be in the island with you and 3 items - if you KNOW me, then you already know who i'd bring. If you dont know me, then too bad! Well hopefully me and Jon berry get stranded on a nice island similar to hawaii, with plenty of juicy pinapples. the first item i'd bring is a pinapple cutter. The 2nd item i'd bring is a black pen. The 3rd item i'd bring is a floppy disk.

thanks for reading about my TRUE life story!

Sunday, March 23, 2003

Friday, March 21, 2003
kenny, jerry, derek, tom, erika, and christine...

you guys are the best

Thursday, March 20, 2003
after all i've been through, i dont deserve to feel this way...

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Sunday, March 16, 2003
I hate this feeling of having NORMAL guy hair! haha

Ok so i was working today, and some middle-aged lady went up to me and complimented me by saying "hey, you look like GI Jane!"

i was like "gee, thanks"

Saturday, March 15, 2003
you are NOT C00L (12:27:53 AM): i LiKe tO TyPe LiKe DiS sO dOnT hAtE oN mEeH oTaY? HeeHeHeeHEe! wHerE dA RaVe bE aT yO?

Friday, March 14, 2003
Hahahahahahaha!!! good ol' Erika...

RUFiO is good (10:21:07 PM): i saw you at Anchor blue
LilBubbles10 (10:21:12 PM): no you didn't
RUFiO is good (10:21:15 PM): yes i did
RUFiO is good (10:21:17 PM): u didnt see me though
LilBubbles10 (10:21:18 PM): kenny told you
RUFiO is good (10:21:19 PM): i was hiding
LilBubbles10 (10:21:23 PM): you're a dork
LilBubbles10 (10:21:32 PM): then what was i holding in my hands?
RUFiO is good (10:22:12 PM): some leopard print bra and panties that you will wear for me for my bday
RUFiO is good (10:22:14 PM): am i right?
LilBubbles10 (10:22:30 PM): damn you were there!
RUFiO is good (10:22:38 PM): told ya so!

i sooooo hope Tom doesnt see this! he will kill me!

well since my birthday is coming up, and since you might read this and think "what the F*ck does he want for his F*cking birthday, that F*cking bitch always wants something from my F*cking wallet!" i have put a list of *stuff* i like/need/want!

uHhh. i am birthday.

-a black RVCA shirt (pernounced Roo-kuh) size Medium!
-a new flexfit hat
-a birthday cake since my mom wont get me one. *sniffle*
-some black nike shorts size XXL
-a new basketball
-some pomade
-a new guitar strap
-some flame boxers
-coldstone ice cream
-a black RVCA shirt ( i listed this twice *hint hint* )
-something from Active Ride Shop
-some all black chuck-taylors
-the black retro kobe-bryant jersey
-a new wallet
-xbox *sigh*
-some BuMpS for my car
-my cell phone
-a new belt
-some lokes
-a nude picture of Mary Kate and Ashley Olson doing naughty lil things to each other...uhHhh
-Joshua Court Rock
-to spend the day with my friends, all of them...it doesnt matter if they are my closest friends or distant friends or just a simple acquantance. All i wanna do is hang out with everybody i know! heh. for all those that read this, that means you too! So yeah, i'll figure out a way to accomplish this, cuz this is all i really care about. This is all i really want.

take it easy...

LilBubbles10 (1:13:55 AM): g
LilBubbles10 (1:13:56 AM): o
LilBubbles10 (1:13:57 AM): o
LilBubbles10 (1:13:58 AM): d
LilBubbles10 (1:13:59 AM): n
LilBubbles10 (1:13:59 AM): i
LilBubbles10 (1:14:01 AM): g
LilBubbles10 (1:14:02 AM): h
LilBubbles10 (1:14:03 AM): t
LilBubbles10 (1:14:06 AM): a
LilBubbles10 (1:14:10 AM): n
LilBubbles10 (1:14:11 AM): d
LilBubbles10 (1:14:49 AM): w
LilBubbles10 (1:14:51 AM): e
LilBubbles10 (1:14:53 AM): e
LilBubbles10 (1:14:55 AM): t
LilBubbles10 (1:14:57 AM): d
LilBubbles10 (1:15:01 AM): r
LilBubbles10 (1:15:02 AM): e
LilBubbles10 (1:15:03 AM): a
LilBubbles10 (1:15:04 AM): m
LilBubbles10 (1:15:06 AM): s

HAHA what a lame-face!

Thursday, March 13, 2003
TOP TEN traits look for in a girl

10. Age- i want my girl be at least under the age of 12. haha yeah right. that was purely a joke! lol. honestly, age kind of does matter. The youngest girl i'd go for right now is 17 years old, which is a 2 year age differenCe. As a matter of fact, the girl im kinda diggin right is 17, and yes, she is so totaly awesome.

9. Religion- she must have a strong faitH in god. nuff said.

8. Body yeah, every guy likes girls with nice bodies. However, i prefeR mine to be thinner than usual. i dont know. *drool* 5'5" 99 pounds. perfect body!

7. Nice smile- ok, this trait is kinda blah since pretty much every girl has a lovely smile. So what im trying to say is, since i think every girl has a lovely smile, i dont want any man smiles. Sorry Jon Berry...

6. Eyes- true beauty lieS in the eyes of the beholder. a girls eyes are the first physical trait that i notice about a girl. if a girl has beautiful eyes, i can just get lost in them forever.

5. Good future-ok now. this is obvious. Of course i dont want a dead-beat girl that has no future planned. No offense, but i want my girl to be goal oriented. I want her to believe in her fuTure, and try to achieve anything possible.

4. Soft Hands- lol. i dont know. When i hold a girls hand, it'd be nice if they were nice and soft. lol i dunno. i can tell a difference though. and yeah, its important to me 'cause for a girlfriend, i'd want to hold her hand alot.

3. Style- A girl's style is what catches my eye first. Lately, i've been jocking them urban dressing girls. ahhh yeah they are hot. yeah man, girls that wear earthly colors like brown or tan are hot.

2. GREAT personality- haha i bet you thought this would be # 1 huh? Nah. This is probably the biggest attribute. You cannot achieve #1 on this list without this trait. This includes sense of humor and all that other stuff. If you are asian, chances are you wont achieve this one. No offense or anything, but something i have learned throughout life is that: all asian girls are snobby in one way, shape, or form....no matter what. Even if they are my closest friends or whatever. no offense to all you asian girls out there!

1. KNOWS HOW TO KEEP A CONVERSATION-whooooohooooooooo... this is the most important trait on my list. I just hate it when i'm talknig to a girl, and there is a silene in the conversation. If i had a girlfriend, i'd want to tell her everything, and i'd want her to tell me everything. Best friends can talk about just about anything, and thats what i'd want my gf to be: my best friend. Best friends make the best girlfriends, 'cause best friends would never do anything to hurt each other. And when there is nothing left to say, thats when its time to move on.

I hope you all enjoyed this. my screename is *RUFiO is Good*. If you achieved all 10 of these traits, then please IM me! hahaha buh-bye!

its only been 1 day since the world has seen my New Found Hair. lol "NFH" hahaha. uMm. i am annoying. but anyways, people were like "whoa you cut your hair???" sadly i had to tell them the looooooong story as to how it happened. I am sad. People no longer will mistake me for Ron Jeremy or Ben Affleck or Brad Pitt or Jon Berry or Jerry Eusebio. this has brought a tear down my face...

"those tears that have fallen
they stain her white carpet
she looks down as they spell out his name"

this quote from a song applies to me so much now.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
i came to the realization as to how my cellular activated phone bill was so damn high. I looked over all my phone calls, and i noticed it was because of all the late night phone-sex chat's i had with Anatasia! If you would like to talk to this sexy lady, who by the way is probably just some really homo middle aged slouch that fantasizes about Jon Berry's nice smile all day, then just dial 1.900.422-5933. Wow im surprised i remembered that number, espeically since i have it on speed-dial.


*the even more sadderest day of my life...*

so i was sitting there watching some old Joshua Court performances. I couldnt help but notice how sexy that bassist is! Oh, and the lead singer has such a nice butt! Also, the guitarst, because she has nice long hair, is sooo beautiful. But anyways, all of a sudden, my mom shows me my cell phone bill. UmMm. ouch! it was $250! I am flat broke and cannot pay for this bill, so my punishment is this: no more cell-phone. I will be living at home for the next 890234 years doing chores so i can pay off this bill. There goes my life =(

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
*the saddest day of my life...*

what have i done? oh my gosh =(

i was in the bathroom earlier today, and i decided to trim my hair, but just a little. I kept on fuckin up though, so i had to trim more and more. So finally, i just said fuck it and trimmed it all off. I cannot believe this. My hair is short, very short. This is such a tragedy. No more afro-hair for me =( Please help me get through this ordeal. And please, please, please don't make fun of me =(

Monday, March 10, 2003
See how she looks at herself in the morning
as the sunlight pertrudes from her window
its glare hits the mirror and back without warning
to a face that most people dont know

its just not fair
when i look into your eyes, and see
someone elses reflection, not mine
am i the one who's gonna change your mind?
and please tell me, tell me

will you stay or will you go?
when i need someone to know
when this all seems so surreal
and my life lays unfulfilled

She fixes her hair to the way it was fastened
as a tear makes its way down her face
as it falls it leaves nothing but a trace of nostalgia
how far can she push love away?

its just not fair
when i look into your eyes, and see
someone elses reflection, not mine
am i the one who's gonna change your mind?
and please tell me, tell me

will you stay or will you go?
when i need someone to know
when this all seems so surreal
and my life lays unfulfilled

she wonders how long it'll be til she's happy
or is this just one type of game?
those tears that have fallen
they stain her white carpet
she looks down as they spell out his name

why wont you tell me?
is this just a dream, or a blank reality?

*Stain* By Joshua Court
-the band with a sexy bassis.t


My weekend was rather cool! It was a christine-filled weekend. UMm on saturday, she stopped by for like 10 minutes just to say hi, then she had to go run some errands. Later that night, i was talking to her on the telephone, and her mom was like "tell terence to come over..." When i got there, they baked chocolate chip cookies, and everyone knows how much i love chocolate chip cookies!!!!!! especially homebaked chocolate chip cookies. mMmmMm. The next day, i took christine to the beach. It was empty like a mugga fugga! So yea, we just chilled there for a few hours, watched the sunset, then went home. (QUICK NOTE: MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 13 DAYS!). This saturday is the Audio Karate show. Me, her, and her lil bro Steve are gonna go to that hopefully if she doesnt work. But if she cant find a replacement, then it's just gonna be me and steve. Well, thats all folks...

you all must be bored stalkers that professionally drink pink lemonade as a hobby.

She never thought someone would come along
And show her a feeling she's always dreamed of.
He didn't plan on falling in love.
Upset the balance he's wanted so long.

This road to recovery
Has taken all I have.
It seems hard
As I try
To succumb once again...again...

Well she lost control and gave up her heart.
To follow the boy that she's always dreamed of.
He pulled away so scared of a love
That might have been more than he had planned on.

This road to recovery
Has taken all I have.
It seems hard
As I try To succumb once again...again...

Well love is a bitch all relationships end.
What happens now
When that persons gone.
The one who you thought
You could always count on.
You fall in love
And they fall out.
Love is a bitch.
All realationships end.

How do I let go of a love
That meant so much to me.
How do I go on
When your part of me.
I'm dying inside
Each time i see you.
Don't lose sight of me
Cause yer all i see.
Your still all i see.
This road to recovery has taken all i have.

*Road To Recovery* by my favorite band, Rufi.o

Sunday, March 09, 2003
Dear Christine

you're the best

From Terence

Saturday, March 08, 2003
"You cant change the way you feel
but you cant tell me this aint real"

*Change* by Good Charlotte

yo.u're favorite song

i still remember

Friday, March 07, 2003
i am fucking lame. i probably spent like 2 hours blogging. yes, i have no life.

HOLY FUCK, i have no fucking life whatsoever. Yes, i admit i have no life. I would also like to admit i like girls (seriously i do!)


*name: terence derek morales (i LOVE being called by my full name)
* b-day: HOLY FUCK its written all over this blog!
* birthplace: oxnard, ca
* home now: Fontana, where the chickens dont leave til theyre slaughtered!
* height: bout 6'1.5" or 6'2"
* siblings: 2 older pimp daddy macks that attract no girls whatsoever
* pets: robyn and alex
* eye color: Brown
* hair color: black
* best feature: my big hands
* first crush: Jerry
* boyfriend/girlfriend now: i dont have a gf
* crush: obviously its christine!
* hobbies: xbox, playing the bass, hanging out with christine
* what were u doing 15 mins ago: blogging
* what are u wearing now: Dashboard Confessinal T-Shirt, black & white striped wristband, and some ordinary pants
* u smoke: nope
* u drink: on occasion
* u shy or outgoing: hehehe im a shy-asian-guy hehehe. haha i dont know.

* havin fun this summer: SUMMER is when i LIVE
* what do you want from a partner?: money and booze!
* feature you notice first: eyes
* looks/personality: Christine Andrea Flores
* piercings: 1 piercing on each ear, but i never utilize them
* would you ever date a friend: yes, i have before for like 4 days.
* age difference limit: no younger than 12 years of age
* smart/dumb: smart
* funny/serious: funny

m o r e a b o u t m e :

*cuddle or make out: cuddle
*chocolate milk, or hot chocolate: choco milk
*mcdonalds or burgerking?: McDonalds
*would you wanna marry your best friend, or the perfect lover: the perfect Jon Berry! ewww
*tea/coffee/cappuccino: cappu-chi-no
*cats or dogs: dogs
*milk, dark, or white chocolate?: milk
*sunny or rainy: sunny
*winter, summer, fall, or spring: SUMMER
*vanilla or chocolate: vanilla
*cereal or toast: cereal
*do ya like rock, punk, rap, r and b, alternative, techno, pop..etc: technical melodic punk rock

r e l a t i o n s :

* how long is ur longest reltionship?: ...
* what is ur favorite thing to do with that special sumone: i like playing video games with her. She is so easy to beat in Madden 2003!

* what is the best present u've gotten from sumone?: my brother once got me a stripper. it was great. i love you bro!
* ever been in love?: no
* Who you go to for advice the most: Erika De Alday
* skinniest: besides this nigga, i'd have to go with Kenny
* loudest: Kaanon still
* craziest: haha Steven
* funniest: Kenny
* smartest: Kenny
* best looking: Kenny!!! by far...
* nicest: Erika
* shortest: KENNY!
* tallest: anybody but Kenny
* changed your life the most : Kenny
* buffest : Kenny
-as u can see, i have only 1 friend. His name is Kenny.

f a v e s :

* color: baby pink
* movie: Rock Star
* subject: Girls
* ocean or pool: BEACH
* love or lust: love
* laugh or cry: laugh
* silver or gold: silver
* diamonds or pearls: diamonds
* sunset or sunrise: watching the sunset w/ christine = greatest feeling ever
* showers or baths: taking a shower w/ jon berry = greatest feelin...oh holy fuck oooops
* food: popeyes chicken
* snack: popeyes french fries
* board game: popeyes board games
* all-time song: "still" by rufio
* current song: "set it off" by rufio
* holiday: christmas.
* movie star: chris tucker
* magazine: FHM
* tv show: Simpsons
* video game: Madden 2003

* computer game: ummm, i NEVER use the computer! hhaha right
* drink: gatorade
* perfume: Lucky Yo.u
* brand of sneaker: Nike Dunks
* activity: hanging out with Christine
* fruit: strawberries
* juice: orange juice

d o y o u ...? :

* do you like school: i hate it with a passion
* do you like to talk on the phone: i like to talk to people, period.
* do you have your cell phone : yes

l a s t t i m e y o u ..

* showered: earlier tonite
* went runnin': earlier today.
* worked out: like last week. im gettin lazy
* danced like a frickin idiot: lol.. Me > Jerry, when it comes to cwalking
* went to a movie: november, 8mile
* talked on the phone: hour ago
* wished u were somebody else: all the fricken time! i have no self-confidence or self-esteem! haha...sike
* were depressed: if i ever get depressed, nobody will ever know

r a n d o m :

* where would you love to travel to?: Ontario Mills

* whats ur middle name? Derek
* is ur hair color natural? yea
* what do u want to do with your life?: become a manual stimulator or professional fluffer
* last time u went bowling: a long time ago
* are u any good at bowling: no
* last time u went to the doctor: sometime in June
* do u consider urself a "nice" person: not recently
* last book: book me read
* brand shampoo: Pert Plus
* are u stressed out?: never

Understanding: yes, but also unforgiving at times
Open-minded: yes
Arrogant: yes
Insecure: no
Interesting: yes
Hungry: no
Friendly: mostly
Smart: no me not
Moody: at times
Childish: only with the fella's

Independent: yes

Hard working: only when it comes to music. lol
Organized: no
Healthy: yes
Emotionally Stable: yes very
Difficult: yes
Messy: yes
Attractive: well, i must admit that if i currently attended JFK Middle School, i'd be voted 8th grade King.
Thirsty: yes
Responsible: yes
Obsessed: christine andrea flores
Angry: no
Sad: never
Happy: usually
Hyper: haha duh


On March 22nd, me and a bunch of my buddies are heading over to the beach. We will be there at around 3 pm or so, but i wont be there til like 5 pm cuz i got a final that day. I'll let you all know more specific information/details about this when i find out. They planned this out for me, and they thought it would be cool to have a bonfire type of thing. Everybody loves the beach! heh. So yeah, its coming up so request that night off!!! It would mean soooo much to see yo.u all there!!!

PS: Dont be surprised if Joshua Court Rock performs a lil acoustic set for all you pretty ladies...

so please just try to make it, yo.u couldn't make it last year.

Wow what a day! Holy freaking Christine is awesome! This girl is great. I really, really hate boasting about how great she is on this blog, because i know that a few certain people read this, but heck, she effing drove 1/2 an hour just to visit me at school, and anyone that would go out of there way just for me is just awesome!!! That was way cool of her. It meant ALOT. So i just showed her around campus. She wrote me a letter.. hehe yay letters are great. So yeah, we just walked around campus at like 7pm at night. Nobody was even there anymore. After that, she invited me over for dinner. Her mom cooked some bomb ass spagetti and chicken!!! haha although it was GREAT food, i must admit i was saddened by the fact that there was no mexican food! haha! And to make things even better, a few minutes after i left her house, she texted me and said "thanks for everything tonight." i was like WHOA! Heck, she is the one that made anything possible for today. She's the one that went out of her way just to see a dud like me. She is the one that invited this un-stud to dinner. Geez, she's quite the awesome one. So yeah, that was my day. PS. i officially have no more homework or assignments for the rest of the qtr. All that is left are finals and im outtie!

March 23rd is coming up. 16 more days!

"hey excuse me, but whats your name? because i see yo.u everyday" -November 3, 2001

"i just want yo.u to know that i will ALWAYS be there for yo.u, no matter what" -May 15, 2002

*Young girl don't cry...
I'll be right here when your world starts to fall*

Do you believe me?

Thursday, March 06, 2003
stop apologizing!!! heh you did that a looooooooooooooooooooong time ago dude...

and you're not a horrible person. i still think you're awesome.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003
Today, March 5th, was a rather odd day. I woke up late and missed my philosophy discussion for like the 3rd straight week. ouch! I had an intramural football game at like uhhhh 7pm so i left my house at like 5 to see some people perform at the Coffee House Open mic nite!! On my way there, i went to the Botanical Gardens on the campus of UCR. They closed the gates at 5, and i got there at 5:30, but i've been yearning to walk through there ever since i got accepted. So today was the day i did that.. It was ever so pleasant and nice. The scenery was just beautiful and breathtaking. hehe. It's a good place to go when you are trying to find yourself, and who you really are and what you want to do. Sometime last school year, i had no idea what i wantd to do, and I wanted to take a certain friend with me to the botanical gardens, y'know just to kick it since she is way awesome. That didnt happen, and that is the end of that story. but ummm i went by myself today and just thought about ALOT of stuff. I thought about the past, present, but more importantly, the future and what it holds for me. I'm on an emotional high right now. I've never felt so great in a long time. Everything is working out perfectly for me. (PS. JCourt will be back.) My friends are dope, my family is great, and my girl is just totally awesome. However, all this feels odd. I'm feeling just incredibly great on the inside, but something still hinders me. I just finished reading an old friends blog (yea, i dont even know if we're still friends, and i didnt even know she had a blog until 10 minutes ago.), and it seems like she's not doing too good/well right now. Just hang in there...and just remember what i said to you back in May '02.

Until next time, take it easy fella's and ladie's...

So i decided to hit up the blogger again. UmMM i didnt like melodramatic. it was mean to me. i dont like mean people. they are mean. but in other news, i would just like to announce that i am 99% straight (seriously!) In case u dont know me, my turn-on's are big hands and pink lemonade. My turn-offs are rice rockets and Dave fricking Grohl. In the future, i want to be a manual stimulator. If i cannot achieve that dream, then i want to become a professinal fluffer. I like little dogs and i enjoy watching them play with their toys while smoked on crack. Ok, this entry is ovah!

Saturday, March 01, 2003
ok everybody... hahaha i've fooled all u fools. i've been using a different journal, because i think this is lame. i also think its lame how people i dont even know read this stuff. since its been like 230948234 years since i last updated, im assuming they dont go here anymore... so if you know my AIM screename (most of you do know it anyways) then you'll see that in my profile is a new link to my new journal site. its pretty whack.